Well just to get started, I have quite a small family my mom, teenage brother, and baby brother. The only other family I know of is in Thailand, which I have not seen since I was 5 years old due to financial reasons. I don’t have a relationship with my father and have never met any of his family. So I’m kind of lost on what my other half ethnicity is. My mother is from Thailand and she met my father there. My father is caucasian, but I don’t know his actual background. As much as I would love to find out, previous attempts have taught me it is not in the cards.

Today, I go to a university where I am in the process of earning my Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Management. I have always had a passion for business and want to have my own business one day. I’m currently deciding on what to do after I graduate which will be spring 2019. I’m deciding between Law School and Grad School.